There is demand from each structure to be unique in all aspects and this has led to look a step ahead of the regular reinforced concrete and many engineers, clients, etc. are looking for the possibilities offered by Prestressed concrete structures.

CNS sets out the vision to offer the services of post tensioning in a more principled and feasible manner. CNS also, assures of more savings, maintaining the standards in use and at the same time ensuring quality and safety.

The design team endeavors in providing more economical, architecturally viable and structurally secured structural solutions and when it comes in the hands of the execution team, there is no compromise on the quality of works. We are committed of ensuring that our employees, sub-contractors and the wider public can work safely at all times in and around our premises and work locations.

The mission of CNS Infrastructure Ltd is to design the PT systems which will be efficiently applied in all buildings and civil engineering works. In addition to the efficiency of systems all Designs and installations of CNS are conceded under a quality control program to meet international standards thus ensuring that all clients would achieve the best value at a competitive cost.