Unbonded tendon:
 It is tendon in which Prestressing steel is prevented from bonding to concrete and is free to move relative to concrete. Prestressing force is transferred to concrete by Anchorages only.

PT Cable: It is a group of wires or bars or strands used to impart prestress to concrete when the element is tensioned.

Sheathing: It is a material encasing a Prestressing tendon to prevent bonding the tendon with the surrounding concrete during concrete placement to provide corrosion protection.

Anchor Plate: The hardware assembly used for transferring a post-tensioning force from the tendonwires, strands or bars to the concrete.

Pocket former:  A device that forms a temporary recess in the concrete to allow access for stressing.

Wedges: Tapered high-strength steel with teeth.

End Capsulated System: Encapsulated un-bonded mono strand systems are used in areas that are subject to corrosive conditions. Strands are protected at the anchorages using greased plastic sleeves and grease-filled end caps. Additionally, anchorage components are fully encapsulated in a high density polyethylene plastic covering.

Stressing Equipment: Equipment used for stressing tendons, consisting of a hydraulic jack and gauge(s) calibrated as a unit, and a hydraulic pump.